Kenuo Group(China) Co., Limitd. is a group company. In its name, there are three sub companies: Ruian WBACC Auto Parts Co., Ltd. . Ruian TANOSEN Filter co., Ltd.Ruian HUANUO Hardware manufacturing co., Ltd. And Ruian RASCS buses parts co., ltd.

WBACC (air dryer cartridge, air dryer filter, air dryers), TANOSEN (oil water separator; oil filters; fuel filters; water filters) HUANUO?(hardware?by?cold?heading?technology)RASCS (buses parts:buses washing room parts; buses chassis parts; buses electric parts ) are separate, independently owned and operated companies. And they manufacture and market products using the own name.

The companies have roots to 1949, when Mr. Zhu Dingxuan set up a booth to repair the bicycle in Ruian. Then in the year of 1986, his son Mr. Zhu Chongqian take charge of the business, and set up a shop to repair the Motorcycle. In 1997s, his grandson Mr. Zhu Wencheng and his granddaughter’s husband Mr. Sun Changxi contracted for Ruian Buses Repair Factory. Later in 1998s, the Ruian RASCS buses parts co., ltd. has founded. With the many years’ experience of dealing with spare parts, they decide to expand their business. So the Ruian WBACC Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Ruian TANOSEN auto parts co., ltd. are set up in 2008s.and the following HUANUO hardware is set up in 2012s.